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nowplaying KAT-TUN : I'll be with you

Hello, something that bugging and keeping me away this whole month was done. it's half-assesly done tho,yeah whatsoever. Can't be more thankful that I have best friends who always stay by my side when I'm insecure...really can't do anything without you, arigatou gozaimasu

While I was on my hiatus days, I really can't wait to be back,you know,really really back,since I technically skipped almost everything since October. So, I almost spent all day long to catch everything up yesterday, and downloaded pretty massive amount of subbed goodies

I know I'm late, but this show,that KAT-TUN5@LJ shared is really touching

It's rare to see only just Koki and Ueda in one scene. Ueda is so cute and Koki is very very sweet that I started to think they're really going for a date,LOL xD



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Hump day

nowplaying KATTUN- Change Ur World

I think I'm getting used to fc2 now :D
The more I explore, the more I fall in love
I frequently visit speaglo to learn english, waaa, suki daa~

by the way, I read @KATTUNIndonesia tweet few days ago,about Tomoko Hayakawa, manga-ka of Perfect girl evolution who is turning into hyphen, kame's fangirl to be exact.

I bought the manga,vol.27,and read the short comic she made....waaaa, I'm totally amazed, she's spazzing and complimenting kame with "sexy" words repeatedly,wahaha


*more pics under the cut*

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