see you space kamen rider club :)

Thank you so much for this year,despite all the weakness,fourze is awesome,touching and meaningful..
Goodbye for awhile,see you on this year movie war :)

Kamen Rider
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Moving on :D

I think I want to ship another OTP from now on..yes,I love them so much..

real OTP yapyyapyap, ryusei-tomoko from Kamen Rider fourze, they are so cute


and with amazing fanarts around,I'm such a happy fangirl, really really happy

Kamen Rider
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love bugs

Harooo Minna~
I supposed to work on my defense slide and study for my pre-defense tomorrow. What I've actually done is non-stop fangirling,flailing and wandering around like there's no tomorrow. Trust me, I tried to study and yet still I stay on LJ,tumblr and twitter.

Then I started out this again tonight, but I only end up read a very very fluffy ShoPhiri comic (and me very likey) here, and that's the moment when my WMP play JB's under the mistletoe song...waaaa

tell me, tell me Phirippu, why oh why are you so cute? maaa~


and Shopiri is just as cute as maruda...I think I'll back to ship them,along with TaNAka too~
credits maruda

Almost 1am now, and I think I need to go to bed,see you~

Kamen Rider
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