Trip to tidung..

We went to tidung, 4 days before my defense.
It surely was a very sweet escape :)

me and mbapika (green shirt).

Banana Boat

Maung <3

pics are taken from bumen's and hani's fb

Personal Life
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Days With You

nowplaying KAT-TUN : I'll be with you

Hello, something that bugging and keeping me away this whole month was done. it's half-assesly done tho,yeah whatsoever. Can't be more thankful that I have best friends who always stay by my side when I'm insecure...really can't do anything without you, arigatou gozaimasu

While I was on my hiatus days, I really can't wait to be back,you know,really really back,since I technically skipped almost everything since October. So, I almost spent all day long to catch everything up yesterday, and downloaded pretty massive amount of subbed goodies

I know I'm late, but this show,that KAT-TUN5@LJ shared is really touching

It's rare to see only just Koki and Ueda in one scene. Ueda is so cute and Koki is very very sweet that I started to think they're really going for a date,LOL xD



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Congrats pretties \0/

As of today, Bumen and Hanichu have successfully obtained their Bachelor degree. yes yes, they have "B.Sc" title after their given name now..

Congratulations to both of you


I wish I can follow your path sooner

---this is why I'm pretty much fangirling-jailed.

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Hump day

nowplaying KATTUN- Change Ur World

I think I'm getting used to fc2 now :D
The more I explore, the more I fall in love
I frequently visit speaglo to learn english, waaa, suki daa~

by the way, I read @KATTUNIndonesia tweet few days ago,about Tomoko Hayakawa, manga-ka of Perfect girl evolution who is turning into hyphen, kame's fangirl to be exact.

I bought the manga,vol.27,and read the short comic she made....waaaa, I'm totally amazed, she's spazzing and complimenting kame with "sexy" words repeatedly,wahaha


*more pics under the cut*

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love bugs

Harooo Minna~
I supposed to work on my defense slide and study for my pre-defense tomorrow. What I've actually done is non-stop fangirling,flailing and wandering around like there's no tomorrow. Trust me, I tried to study and yet still I stay on LJ,tumblr and twitter.

Then I started out this again tonight, but I only end up read a very very fluffy ShoPhiri comic (and me very likey) here, and that's the moment when my WMP play JB's under the mistletoe song...waaaa

tell me, tell me Phirippu, why oh why are you so cute? maaa~


and Shopiri is just as cute as maruda...I think I'll back to ship them,along with TaNAka too~
credits maruda

Almost 1am now, and I think I need to go to bed,see you~

Kamen Rider
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Hanichu brought me this. Yaiyness! \(^o^)/ Thank you hanichu :*

and look at the left side, I got a blogpet, his name is komar, cute,right?

P.s : this is for moblog testing only xD

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Hi there, I just watched KAT-TUN anime video here today. and I scream like crazy...haha, way too cute~
I didn't expected kame will be so flirty, and koki is cooking, wahahaha.



Somehow,it delighted my day :). Thank you for uploading it :)
I also hope Koki will have a good time in Chile now xD

and anyway, I just learned today that my childhood magazine (which still exist till now),made article about AKB48. I dunno that AKB is now popular among kids too. sugooii~


I feel like waiting their performance in Jakarta,next month :D

Okay,that's it, see you :)

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me in 2012 :D

Hello :)
finally I made an account in fc2, haha

Doumo~ my name is Ridha, currently 20 years old, a female :)
An economic student who's still waiting for her final defense. Wish me luck,ne?
I basically love all J-Pop artists and anti-fans of none :D
I am hyphen, not a hardcore or good one, but I'm pretty loyal. I shipped lord koki for sure.
Lately, I'm pretty much devoted to Kamen Rider Series, especially W, where I am a hardcore shipper of ShoPhiri.

This blog is about my life, both personal and fangirling related.
I'll do much rants,about anything, which I don't post in my previous blog

So, bear with me and let's be friends,yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

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