Moving on :D

I think I want to ship another OTP from now on..yes,I love them so much..

real OTP yapyyapyap, ryusei-tomoko from Kamen Rider fourze, they are so cute


and with amazing fanarts around,I'm such a happy fangirl, really really happy

Kamen Rider
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Older sister

Hi, it's been a while :)
I'm home now

and,I found this yesterday, my mom's old guitar,which was bought when my mom's on her early 20s,while my mom had me when she's 31, so this guitar is practically my older sister


she's abandoned for so long because my mom get sick, and she barely remember the chords, while no one else can play guitar in my home.

So, I think it's time to inherit her, I need to learn to play guitar sooner and seriously

That's my story for now, see you later

Personal Life
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not so glad to be back

I went back to Jakarta yesterday. what a very unpleasant moment! it's started from a middle-age man in the airport that accuse me for bringing his ticket at check-in counter,what the heck! I almost exploded before the ticketing staff explained that his ticket was with them. bakayaro!

Then at the boarding room,there's a crappy guy and shameless flirt who disturbed me,keep asking me unimportant question,making stupid joke,and when I ignored him,he insult me behind my back with his friend,what a stupid jerk!

The flight is also not so good, the air conditioner didn't work during early 15 minutes of flight,can you imagine that?

traffic jam, flood, dirty room (because I left it too long) gave me 'very warm' welcome greeting to Jakarta.

however, my landlord(s) give me a warm welcome,they said they miss me a lot and hug me tight.

here is so cold compared to my warm home, but it's fine, I've got Fourze and Black RX to be watched,,hehehe

Personal Life
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