it's been a month since my defense. I pretty much confused about what I'm going to do next. I thought I was only wasting my time, considering my friends already know and took the steps to pursue their dreams,either applying for a job or going for further study.
That day, I explore my old room (which belongs to my brother now, but technically we share spaces to put our stuff there) and found N.M.P album. I played it and I was crying remembering happy moments in the past.

I'm kinda lame, eh? hehee, I dunno I can be so emotionally expressive when it comes to music,books,movie or drama, especially KAT-TUN
few days later, my dad (who's out of town for work) called my mom. They talked about whether I want to go for further study or not. I really appreciate how parents have so much considerations for my future. the test is started on may, and I need to decide whether I really want to take it or not, considering the uni will be very faraway from home, it's hard for me to be apart for family that long.
I remembered what was written, in the N.M.P cover. ..

sometimes we need to move forward to know other things. It's good to look back sometimes,but we think it's time for our next step! what are we going to do,we don't know,we don't have to know..that's why life is challenging

I think I have to decide to take this,to go back to school, and take the test. I shouldn't worry whether I will pass the test or not, because everything happens for reasons,and that's why life is challenging ..wish me luck,minna
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anyway, because I'm going back to Jakarta this sunday, I'm gonna miss this room



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