not so glad to be back

I went back to Jakarta yesterday. what a very unpleasant moment! it's started from a middle-age man in the airport that accuse me for bringing his ticket at check-in counter,what the heck! I almost exploded before the ticketing staff explained that his ticket was with them. bakayaro!

Then at the boarding room,there's a crappy guy and shameless flirt who disturbed me,keep asking me unimportant question,making stupid joke,and when I ignored him,he insult me behind my back with his friend,what a stupid jerk!

The flight is also not so good, the air conditioner didn't work during early 15 minutes of flight,can you imagine that?

traffic jam, flood, dirty room (because I left it too long) gave me 'very warm' welcome greeting to Jakarta.

however, my landlord(s) give me a warm welcome,they said they miss me a lot and hug me tight.

here is so cold compared to my warm home, but it's fine, I've got Fourze and Black RX to be watched,,hehehe

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