me in 2012 :D

Hello :)
finally I made an account in fc2, haha

Doumo~ my name is Ridha, currently 20 years old, a female :)
An economic student who's still waiting for her final defense. Wish me luck,ne?
I basically love all J-Pop artists and anti-fans of none :D
I am hyphen, not a hardcore or good one, but I'm pretty loyal. I shipped lord koki for sure.
Lately, I'm pretty much devoted to Kamen Rider Series, especially W, where I am a hardcore shipper of ShoPhiri.

This blog is about my life, both personal and fangirling related.
I'll do much rants,about anything, which I don't post in my previous blog

So, bear with me and let's be friends,yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

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