Hump day

nowplaying KATTUN- Change Ur World

I think I'm getting used to fc2 now :D
The more I explore, the more I fall in love
I frequently visit speaglo to learn english, waaa, suki daa~

by the way, I read @KATTUNIndonesia tweet few days ago,about Tomoko Hayakawa, manga-ka of Perfect girl evolution who is turning into hyphen, kame's fangirl to be exact.

I bought the manga,vol.27,and read the short comic she made....waaaa, I'm totally amazed, she's spazzing and complimenting kame with "sexy" words repeatedly,wahaha


*more pics under the cut*
These are just poorly taken pics from my cellphone camera

page 1, she's attending WBT@tokyodome with her friend, it's the first time she saw kame on stage, who's really really different from the 'kame' she knew, and that's when she's falling in love with 'sexy kame' xD


Page 2, she loves "LIPS" song, and can't help herself nosebleeding seeing Kame with Tuxedo and vampire costume,LOL


Page 3, she's telling us that she's becoming a hardcore hyphen now. Buying 50" TV just to watch break the records dvd is amazing,ne? . She also bought all KAT-TUN'S dvds,singles,albums, & photobooks, watching kame's doramas,put uchiwa in her desk, and playing KAT-TUN's songs whenever she works. sugooi~


I enjoy reading this very much, I'm waiting for your next flailing Tomoko-san

hehe, thanks for coming, see you :)

--8 days to go for being "fangirling-free"

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