it's been a month since my defense. I pretty much confused about what I'm going to do next. I thought I was only wasting my time, considering my friends already know and took the steps to pursue their dreams,either applying for a job or going for further study.
That day, I explore my old room (which belongs to my brother now, but technically we share spaces to put our stuff there) and found N.M.P album. I played it and I was crying remembering happy moments in the past.

I'm kinda lame, eh? hehee, I dunno I can be so emotionally expressive when it comes to music,books,movie or drama, especially KAT-TUN
few days later, my dad (who's out of town for work) called my mom. They talked about whether I want to go for further study or not. I really appreciate how parents have so much considerations for my future. the test is started on may, and I need to decide whether I really want to take it or not, considering the uni will be very faraway from home, it's hard for me to be apart for family that long.
I remembered what was written, in the N.M.P cover. ..

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Love Day

Hello, happy valentine's day :)
I don't celebrate it tho, but this day is sweet, love is everywhere.
Mom used to bought us chocolate,just for having fun...but she's sick now, I really wish she will get well sooner and faster.
However, I'm still thankful that I can spend this day with my family, people I love the most
anyway, I'm glad for Jin's marriage and wishing him a good marriage life, and successful concert for KAT-TUN

Have a nice day everyone,lots of love from me :)

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whoa...It's been a while...
I miss this blog...
I hope I can post seriously really soon
see you <3

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Trip to tidung..

We went to tidung, 4 days before my defense.
It surely was a very sweet escape :)

me and mbapika (green shirt).

Banana Boat

Maung <3

pics are taken from bumen's and hani's fb

Personal Life
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Days With You

nowplaying KAT-TUN : I'll be with you

Hello, something that bugging and keeping me away this whole month was done. it's half-assesly done tho,yeah whatsoever. Can't be more thankful that I have best friends who always stay by my side when I'm insecure...really can't do anything without you, arigatou gozaimasu

While I was on my hiatus days, I really can't wait to be back,you know,really really back,since I technically skipped almost everything since October. So, I almost spent all day long to catch everything up yesterday, and downloaded pretty massive amount of subbed goodies

I know I'm late, but this show,that KAT-TUN5@LJ shared is really touching

It's rare to see only just Koki and Ueda in one scene. Ueda is so cute and Koki is very very sweet that I started to think they're really going for a date,LOL xD



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